Pola Sidikjari

Karakter psikologi yang ditemukan dari tiap bentuk/pola sidik jari adalah :

1. Arche

Self contained and repressive. Secretive in self defense. Naturally suspicious. Resentful of others achievements who did not posses for their own shortcomings that might bar achievement. Repressive of emotions.

2. Tented Arche

Sensitive and emotional with "artistic" temperament with the appreciation but perhaps not the ability or commitment. Idealistic. Impulsive. High degree of emotional elasticity, high strung nervous system, to sensitive

3. Loop

Mental and emotional elasticity with possible lack of concentration. Adaptable, versatile and emotionally responsive.

4. Whorl

Independent, original, very individualistic. Emotional elasticity determined by selfish needs or desires and limited by mental horizons. Secretive, suspicious. While they may appear conventional, they will disregard convention when it suits their purpose

5. Composite

Practical, material minded. But as the pattern is not completely rounded, the tend to be muddled. Critical and resentful, repressive, lacking elasticity.

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